Zwingnetic+ Instructions - (PDF)

Zwingnetic+ On Forearm

Step 1

Place the Zwingnetic+ on your lead arm as shown. Note the slotted shaft slide is toward your hand.

Zwingnetic+ both Straps over arm

Step 2

As shown in the picture above, you want plastic directly to skin with both pieces of each of the four straps over the top of your arm.

Zwingnetic+ Hinged Elbow

Step 3

Slide the Zwingnetic+ into position so that it hinges with your elbow.

Zwingnetic+ Straps Tightened

Step 4

Pull the straps to adjust them so that they are snug enough to hold everything in place.

Zwingnetic+ Training Instructions

In short, the Zwingnetic+ was created to help with consistency by focusing on your lead arm and tempo. “Keep your arm straight” is one of the most common lines you will hear as everybody wants to give you a tip. The biggest reason for this is that it allows for greater power and club head speed in your swing. Learning these fundamentals will also help you keep a proper grip, arm swing, downswing and rotation. All this combined leads to more consistency. The beauty behind the Zwingnetic+ design is that it also helps you control your tempo. As Nick Faldo said, “TEMPO is the glue that sticks all elements of the golf swing together.” He was spot on!

Now that you have placed your Zwingnetic+ on your lead arm properly with the swing lock engaged, let us talk about how to get you on the path to a more consistent and powerful swing.

At first, take a few one-armed swings nice and easy with that arm straight to get a feel for how the swing lock works and sounds. Then, try with both arms. Finally, grab your favorite club.

Now, think about your address to the ball. This is important because it indicates the position you want to get back to at impact. With that lead arm STRAIGHT.

Next is your backswing. As you draw the club fluidly back you are focusing on keeping that arm straight as you rotate your torso and hips. If you draw too quickly the swing lock is going to unlock and you will know you are too fast. When you come to the top, you will feel the Zwingnetic+ start to put pressure on that arm. A little bend at the top is ok and the product allows for that, but it is time to know that you are maxed out and ready to start your downswing. This is going to feel awkward for a few swings until you get used to this new motion, although the extra club head speed you are going to gain will make you forget all about it. Adjust your lag (wrist action) accordingly, this is different for every golfer.

Now that your swing is loaded it is time to unleash that newfound power. Here you are focusing on coming down on the same path as your backswing. No twirls at the top. No leaning forward, back, or side to side. In combination as you start your downswing your hips come first, then your torso and arms follow. It is at this point that you want to start thinking about getting back to that address position. Lead arm STRAIGHT. The more you work with the product, the easier this is going to get. Right around the time of impact and the middle of your rotation, you will hear the audible swing lock disengage. This will only happen if you got back to that address position with your arm STRAIGHT. Do not worry if you did not get there, the elastic straps will provide enough slack as you follow through, though it will be uncomfortable. Keep working at it and you will get there!

IMPACT! If you successfully got back to the address position with your arm STRAIGHT, follow through with your best pose! We all know how this should look and mastering the Zwingnetic+ will allow you to continue to pose well into the future!

I hope you enjoy your new swing and that the Zwingnetic+ helps you as much as it has others. Whether you are a low or high handicap player, the product has a little something for everyone!

Thank you for your purchase!