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Have a great idea? Don't know where to start?

Our team at Zwingit LLC is at the ready to help you through the different phases of product development and manufacturing. We love being consultants to “Idea People” who just need a guiding hand. We have developed a process that is affordable and will transform YOUR product or idea into reality.

A Bit about Zwingit Consultancy

At Zwingit we know all too well the helpless feeling and constant ups and downs of the development and manufacturing process. I'd like to tell you the process is simple. At times it can be, at other times it can be a daunting task. With our team of highly skilled professionals and entrepreneurs behind you I can tell you that the hardest decision you need to make is whether or not to go for it.

A Bit about Myself

I've spent a career as an operations manager for a large scale landscape and irrigation company. Managing 3 landscape crews can be a day to day challenge. Problem solving and ingenuity have become second nature. Both traits have helped me take my own "great idea" from concept to reality. I've also been an avid golfer for many years. Love of the game and a quest for more consistency also helped lead me down a new path. I am now the CEO of Zwingit LLC, a golf equipment and sporting goods retailer, with a passion to help others realize their dreams. Through a lot of research and hard work I've found a great group of professionals that helped make it possible to achieve my goals.

How can Zwingit LLC Consultancy help you?

Our Zwingit team has the experience to get your project off the ground with the highest quality and efficiency for the least amount of capital. With our consultancy group as your partner, you will get things done without having to give up insane amounts of your business, and keep 90 percent or more of your profit. Also with our experience we have ties to everything from product design and development, prototyping and 3D print plastic prototyping, web design, patent attorneys, and shipping specialists. We also have a business partner in Vietnam who specializes in finding the right fit for your company's manufacturing needs. Boots on the ground in Vietnam equals pennies on the dollar compared to manufacturing almost anywhere else, and much safer! Vietnam has become a major player in manufacturing many types of goods. We have experience in plastic, metals, clothing and textiles, assembly, packaging, and more.

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Also download our non-disclosure agreement here. This protects by law your idea and any information you share about your idea or product. We can analyze what you have and assess if we are a good fit for what you need. In the end all fees or percentages are negotiable and will be agreed upon before moving forward.