Zwingnetic+ Swing Trainer

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The Zwingnetic+ swing trainer by Zwingit can help help golfers of all skill levels create or reinvent a more consistent and powerful golf swing bringing you closer to the lower scores you know you are capable of.

Zwingit has developed the first and only swing trainer that actually forces you to maintain a straight lead arm while still allowing a proper follow through. By keeping your lead arm straight you are putting your stronger trail arm in the 90 degree power position while maximizing the radius of your swing plane, which undeniably increases swing speed and allows extra power to push through the ball creating more distance with any club in your bag.

The Zwingnetic+ swing lock technology allows you to focus on tempo and rhythm making it easier to consistently put the the ball in the sweet spot. This is a great teaching tool for the beginner while it also provides swing discipline for higher skill level players.

Developing swing consistency is the key to playing better golf! Mastering the Zwingnetic+ by Zwingit will help you get there!