From Founder Kevin Stokke

The Zwingnetic+ has come full circle, and I couldn't be more proud! As most entrepreneurs, the concept came about from my own life experience... simply, my inconsistencies on the golf course. In general, I'm a long hitter and like to challenge every pin. The better I played, the faster my swing got. Eventually without fail, the last holes watched me explode with errant shots and bogies bogies bogies.. I finally asked myself- how can I train myself to be more consistent throughout an entire round?

Honestly, there are some interesting products out there, however very few that seemed logical or easy to use. I could not find anything that worked.. And then the golf gods showed up one night... into my dreams and explained to me exactly what I needed.

About a week later I went out and purchased a few pieces of plastic and metal and patched together what I now call Swing Lock Technology. It worked better than I thought. But now I needed time to experiment and well as we all know sometimes life does not cooperate and I just could not find the hours to move this project forward.

It wasn’t until 2018, four days after I won my club championship, I learned the nagging pain in my shoulder was worse than I thought. I was going to need surgery to repair a pretty ugly torn labrum. With a six to seven month recovery looming I needed a project. Swing Lock Technology!

So I got to work. A few weeks before my surgery I cut and welded until I had a fully functional four pound hunk of metal that looked worse than it sounds. About a month after surgery I put a ton of work into research, and finding a patent attorney. After getting the patent process going and filing with the USPTO I went on a bit of a lull. Getting back to my day job, having my first child, and having another unexpected surgery. Ok, not much of a lull!

As I awaited my patent, I stumbled upon a great designer with tons of plastic injection experience. He provided one of the greatest boosts to the whole project. We worked so well together. After about a month he had a full design ready for plastic injection manufacture. He also produced my first full on plastic prototype through a process called 3D printing. I was ready to head to Vietnam!

Vietnam? Yes! I left for Vietnam on November 28th 2019. After endless hours of research I decided this was the best place to mass produce. Boy was it ever! I hired a business assistant in Ho Chi Minh City who handled my scheduling and getting me from A to B. I couldn't have done it without her, she did a great job. I could go on about this decision and trip for hours. I'll spare you that, but I will say the people were fantastic, the food was even better, the golf was awesome, and the business was excellent.

I returned home just in time for Christmas. The next couple months were filled with emails back and forth with my manufacturer who was building my injection mold and getting ready for production. I also got going on my website. For this I really needed an expert since I'm not the most computer literate. I found that in the brother of my plastic designer, who just so happened to be from the same city as me. Score! As you see, he also did a fantastic job!

By mid May 2020 I received my first samples from Vietnam. All the people at my manufacturing company were amazing. After a couple tweaks and assembly changes we moved on to mass production. NOW FINALLY, My first full order is ready to set sail.

Yes, this is a success story for all entrepreneurs to relish. My only hope is that soon you'll have gotten your hands on one and are as impressed with the finished product as I am, and even happier with what it's doing for your game! Let’s just say, my score has improved markedly. But I don't want to brag.