Zwingnetic+ Golf Swing Trainer

Unlock a better swing!

  1. Do you lack consistency in your golf game?
  2. Have problems with distance control and accuracy?
  3. Have you lost distance or looking for more?
  4. Want immediate feedback in your practice sessions?

Improve Your Golf Game

with Zwingnetic+ Golf Swing Trainer
  • Increased Swing Speed
  • Added Power
  • Explosive Distance
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Better Rhythm and Tempo
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Introducing the Zwingnetic+

Developing swing consistency is the key to playing better golf, which is why the Zwingnetic+ by Zwingit was invented! Immediate feedback and ease of use were the two most important factors while designing the product.

Teaching professionals have touted the Zwingnetic+ as a great teaching tool for the beginner while also providing swing discipline for higher skill level players.

Arnold Palmer - "Slow down that backswing and stay out of trouble. Either that or bring an adding machine along in the bag."

Our Mission

It’s simple. Our Zwingnetic+ golf swing trainer is dedicated to helping golfers of every skill level create or reinvent a more consistent, and accurate golf swing all while adding club head speed and distance! We want to help you feel a difference in your game and see lower numbers on your scorecard.

Mastering the Zwingnetic+ by Zwingit will build your confidence and tailor your swing to handle the pressure any course can throw at you.

Nick Faldo - "Tempo is the glue that sticks all the elements of the golf swing together."

Our Technology

We are proud to say we have developed the first and only golf swing trainer that actually forces you to maintain a straight lead arm while still allowing a proper follow through.

The Zwingnetic+ Swing Lock Technology also allows you to focus on tempo and rhythm making it easier to consistently put the ball in the sweet spot. By keeping your lead arm straight you are putting your stronger trail arm in the 90 degree power position while maximizing the radius of your swing plane, which undeniably increases swing speed and allows extra power to push through the ball creating more distance with any club in your bag.


I love the immediate feedback! A great tool for beginners through low handicaps.

Barret Boe - PGA Professional

Barret Boe

PGA Professional

I wanted to let you know that your device has flat out changed the game of golf for the better for myself and my two friends. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about Zwingnetic+ but literally after two swings I knew this trainer was well worth the money. From it's strong structure that works flawlessly to the complete adjustability this product is amazing.

Barret Boe - PGA Professional

Jerry Doyle


I am proud to say that after working all winter with the device, it put my swing right where it needed be for consistent solid strikes on the ball. So much that yesterday's first major tournament for the Golfweek Amateur Tour put me as the 2021 Kentucky Masters Champion.

Kevin Stokke - Amateur Golfer

Ed Shuster